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The Forest of dreams.

The Forest of Dreams was a place where nature, humans, and animals lived in peace. All living creatures coexisted with nature harmoniously.

One day, the forest spirit-like creature Foxy was sitting under its favorite tree watching nature’s beauty when it heard footsteps approaching through the forest. Foxy didn’t know what could be making them but then saw that it was just another nature-loving human coming to sit by the same tree as him.

“Hi, there!” he said to Foxy who turned his attention to him. “There’s plenty of space here!” he continued, motioning for Foxy to come over next to him so they could both enjoy nature together. “Thanks,” said Foxy as he got up and sat down next to him.

“It’s a beautiful day isn’t it?” said the human, “Nature looks stunning today.”

Foxy turned his head away slightly embarrassed at the kind words, but only for a moment before turning back to face the human. They stared into the eyes of each other for longer than either of them could remember before looking back out into nature together.

A short while passed in silence before they both decided that nature was too great to be sitting still, so they stood up and began walking through nature’s beauty hand-in-hand together.

As they made their way through nature, they saw many different types of animals which all looked happy living within nature. Eventually they came a forest stream, where they found some beautiful white lilies growing

The human bent down to show how much he appreciated nature by smiling at the lilies and commenting on their beauty. They both crouched down so they could get a closer look at the flowers when Foxy turned his head around and noticed a bug had landed on the back of his hand. He was going to brush it off but then thought that nature doesn’t judge one thing by its appearance, so he decided to stay still for a moment before turning around to face the human again.

They looked into the eyes of each other once more before getting up onto their feet together and walking away holding hands in nature’s beauty until it couldn’t be seen anymore from the other side of nature.

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